A Quarrelsome Environment Is Foreseen In The Family

Will he love traveling or prefer to explore closer to home?

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Will he love computers or be drawn to the outdoors? Which habits will he inherit from his parents? Which surprises are in store for us in the years ahead? T and I are looking forward to meeting our little man soon!

The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer. This is a person who offers water as a cleansing, illuminating and purifying act to humanity. In ancient times the Water Bearer played a pivotal role, offering water to refresh visitors or guests.

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Not necessarily as an act of servitude, but rather as an act of respect and hospitality. The element associated with Aquarius is Air. Air star signs are characterized by communication, thoughts, and ideas. Aquarians are analytical thinkers who enjoy displaying cool-headed logic for example scientists and politicians. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus.

This planet is symbolized by non-conformity, forward thinking, innovation, social change, rebellion, humanitarianism, and originality. Fixed signs fall in the middle of a season. They are the stabilizers of the zodiac, able to set up and build a solid foundation or goal. Aquarians are also known to crave freedom and adventure.

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They are curious and fair progressive thinkers. They love books, can be stubborn, can be sociable and also aloof or detached. They are friendly, independent, creative and unconventional. You can expect a wonderful sleeper as a baby, or a challenging one with no in between. They will not give up when trying to express their views, which means that for some mums, they can expect hours of persistent noise.

The analytical based mind allows them to be quick with their judgements , respond well to fast-paced situations and learn at incredible speeds on their own terms.

Characteristics of an Aquarius Baby

They may surprise you with bizarre comments or quirky habits. Your best bet is to enjoy the show. Generous with siblings, they hate to see anyone treated unfairly. Get them involved with scouting, sports or a community service club at an early age to encourage their sense of humanitarianism and team spirit.

Raising an Aquarius Child👶🏾💞

This little one is quirky and will constantly surprise you with how creative and original he can be. While most of us care about our own lives, these little Angels care about the planet and everyone in it.

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These Angels care more than you know, about everything. They always look directly into the future, as they perceive that sooner or later they would implement something novice and unique, which would help other people. They wish to ease the life around the globe. Because of unconventional vision of many matters, they are commonly misunderstood or even rejected. This makes them suffer and feel left alone. You have to observe your child's behavior, for children are very vulnerable when they are in solitude. Try to resolve it together. Your child may also misunderstand the feelings of others and hurt kids that are more sensual.

These children would rather be interested in the philosophical matters and scientific issues, than in sports and action. They are great innovators who are anxious when discovering how different devices operate. Nevertheless, some kinds of sport may interest them too. They are good at various technologies and computers.

Your baby’s star signs revealed… Aquarius

They also give much heed to astrology and space journeys. Their projects are progressive and pragmatic. Each invention must be useful, each reform reasonable, each deed should carry sense. During the process of growing up, these kids would require ever more information concerning namely all matters, absorbing them at great speed and afterwards using in practice. Their minds are always wide open and ears sharpened for novice tidings.

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This incredible sign is a symbol of freedom. These merry and friendly children adore being among other people.

Aquarius Child Personality

Notwithstanding, they also need at times some freedom for themselves. Solitude comforts them, when a comfort is required. They need room for thinking and rest from the troubles they may face. You have to give them such time, when they are all alone. This makes them stronger in will and would make out of them self-assured identities who know how to overcome the life difficulties.

The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges. Aquarius Child These airy individualities are absorbed with the feelings.


Compatibility Pisces or Aquarius mother is the most compatible sign for an Aquarius child. Libra or Gemini father is the best compatibility for an Aquarius child. Birth - 6 months Active and joyful. Highly emotional and responsive to others. Short period of focus, likes unexpected things.