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Particular attention is required to assist you in s Capricorn Health: This year, you would be dynamic and charismatic. You would discover a good doctor to get treatment for the lon Daily predictions are very accurate , appreciate your Team for their in deep understanding of Astrology. Karthik B.

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Overview With the advent of new year, we make new year resolutions in regards to career , health , marriage , investment , education and children matters but at times , our resolution do get failed. Capricorn horoscope for investment As far as investment matters are concerned, period from 16 Feb To 24 Feb will be good period for investment purpose but this period is suitable for only safer instruments and not for riskier instruments. As far as financial gains are concerned, some chances will be there in this periods and that are: To 6 Feb To 22 Mar 26 Dec To 31 Dec However , in other periods there will be need to take better care of your finances such that you do not go in losses by your decisions.

Although , whole year will be the year where there is need to take proper care of money matters but especially this are the periods in which there is more need to take more care of money matters and that are : 8 May To 25 Sep Capricorn horoscope for children As far as child matters are concerned, these are good periods for getting child happiness and that are: To 23 Mar To 29 Jun 5 Oct To 28 Oct 5 Nov To 21 Nov 16 Dec To 31 Dec In other periods, there will be ample need to take care of child matters and do not neglect your child due to your other commitments.


Capricorn horoscope for education As far as initial education is concerned, this are the periods that will be good and that are: To 6 Feb To 22 Mar 26 Dec To 31 Dec However in other periods , obstructions might come in education matters and there will be more need to concentrate better in studies such that better results can come.

As far as higher education is concerned, this are the good periods in which positivity will be there in higher studies for you and that are: 23 Mar To 29 Jun 5 Oct To 28 Oct 5 Nov To 21 Nov 16 Dec To 31 Dec However in other periods, more concentration will be required in order to rise in education matters. Capricorn horoscope for health As far as health matters are concerned, this whole year is such like that there is need to take proper care of your health. Capricorn horoscope for marital life As far as marital life is concerned, after 7 Mar , your marital life will show little improvement, if some issues are going in marital life for quite a while now but overall this whole year will be like that there is need to try that due to money matters, marital happiness do not get broken.

Especially, this is the period where there is more need to take better care of your marital life and that is: 25 Apr To 4 Nov There is need to keep better communication levels such that mis To understandings do not come in marital life.

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For unmarried, this are the periods in which chances of marital proposals will be there and that are: To 8 Mar To 22 Mar 24 Jul To 16 Aug Capricorn horoscope for career As far as career matters are concerned, this are the periods that will be good for career matters and that are: To 23 Mar To 29 Jun 5 Oct To 28 Oct 5 Nov To 21 Nov 16 Dec To 31 Dec However in rest of the periods , there will be need to take better care of your professional life as work pressures , problems at work place might pop up for you.

As far as salary increments are concerned, this might be the periods which are good and that are: To 5 Jun To 29 Jun 5 Oct To 28 Oct 5 Nov To 21 Nov These periods will be good for those as well who are unemployed. With positive attitude you will rise fast in career, you will bear humble and considerate feelings for the down trodden and needy people of the society, may advance in charity program or render selfless service for public welfare, have cordial relations with near and dear ones.

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Auspicious Number Read More. Health will remain fluctuating along with seasonal ailments some serious issues may surface.

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You shall be in emotional vain which can bring in nostalgia. Financial loss is expected, you could be cheated in sale purchase transaction whereas the time is not good for the love birds; you could be Max characters 0 remaining. Personal Astrology Report Business Partnership Analysis Report. Medical Astrology Consultation. Career Transit Report for 1 Year. Relationship Analysis Report.

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Saturn and Jupiter- The two Important Vedic planets. Aquamarine and its main purpose along with cost. Diamond is the hardest known mineral and colorless. It is a precious stone. Property matters are bright. Despite setbacks you will forge ahead towards a personal goal. Unexpected and sudden developments likely during the end of the year.

The beginning of the year appears to be a bit lackluster.

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  7. Cash flows in from hard work. Everything will go well for expecting mothers.

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    Overseas journey favours during October and December. Mars and Saturn combine is profitable for those involved in import export. October and December are good months for applying for visa. A Jupiter-Pluto combine will encourage you to aim high in professional life.