The draconic chart is generated from the position of the north node, an indicator of the way forward. As this point becomes the Aries point—a point of taking action—it suggests that in order to live this chart to its greatest potential, the highest qualities of the signs need to be deliberately cultivated. Often it is these higher principles that are expressed, or at least aspired to.

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However, the less helpful qualities sometimes tend to come through until the soul gains wisdom and knowledge and develops spiritual maturity. The challenge for each individual is to live up to the ideals held dear at a soul level. Aries Venus: romanticizes danger, partners in crime, intense connections.

Draconic Astrology with Lauren Delsack

Taurus Venus: romanticizes pleasure, receiving gifts, lovely scenery. Cancer Venus: romanticizes making memories, nostalgia of the past, long midnight talks. Virgo Venus: romanticizes humbleness, clever conversation, in-synch connections. Sagittarius Venus: romanticizes running away with lovers, new and adventurous experiences, grandiose gestures. Capricorn Venus: romanticizes learning from lovers, rising to success with a partner, connections that feel like time has stopped. Aquarius Venus: romanticizes inspiring and unique conversation, a spark during first encounters, a great mind to think alike with.

Capricorns are cardinal earth signs, but their symbol is the sea goat. I would say the half fish-half goat symbol has more to do with a double-consciousness. Half of the Capricorn mind is soaked in a spiritual depth of understanding and the other half is concerned with the physical reality of the world we live in. All of your Draconic planets will form semi-squares to your counterpart natal ones and a major lesson will be learning how mental limitations and needing to experience thoughts slowly rather than at supernatural speeds can all stifle the desire to live at all but how those limitations also force that natural expression to find ways to express itself that it never thought were possible.

This placement shows a lifetime where the raw willpower needed to survive on Earth can be developed for future lives.

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  8. All of your draconic planets will form semi-sextiles to your counterpart natal ones and a major lesson will be learning limitations that having a moment-by-moment emotions rather than infinite emotions like your higher self does has on what you would otherwise be. This aspect makes you feel as if you are constantly trying to recall up to a seemingly infinite number of steps, which is enough to make many people with this placement question their sanity.

    Before you even think about practicing magick, you need to study. It sounds tedious, I know, but witchcraft is not a trivial undertaking. Anything that pertains to your craft. You might see a lot of witches who class themselves as one thing or another, e. That is cool and their prerogative, but you will also see witches known as eclectic. Eclectic Witches, are simply witches who choose to practise many different types of magick and forge their own path, instead of following only one, or following a pre-established path.

    Basically, there is no need at all, whatsoever, to label yourself. With many of us, our paths found us in time. Research paths, secular witchcraft and religious witchcraft.

    Dragon Astrology - The Oldest Form Of Astrology

    Witchcraft alone, is a practice. However, some paths are indeed religious, such as Wicca. Make sure you know the difference before you begin actively practicing and before you decide on your path, if you do choose to do so. Carry a little notebook on your person. Witchcraft is a path of continuous learning. Disclaimer: Witchcraft is NOT a religion! It is a practice, or skill. Anyone of ANY religion can be a witch! There are a few steps to becoming a witch, and the first is taking an interest, which you obviously have and its led you to my post.

    Draconic Astrology: Getting in Touch with Our Deeper Self

    Many things lead people to magic! The second step is exploring the craft, Reading witchy books and blogs, and gathering information. The final steps are to start calling yourself a witch and start practicing witchcraft. Theres no exact order you need to follow. Please add to this so any baby witches can see what you have to say and be informed!! You can also submit a post to my blog. An existential vacuum leads to an obsession with the own psyche that can be the cause of neuroses and its pseudo-therapy. Self-reflection can in itself be the root of many problems. I had a talk with someone about how phases of self-reflection and lots of journaling are often the least mentally stable and happy ones.

    When we feel good, we do not feel the need to conduct some sort of self-therapy. Viktor Frankl also came up with the concept of using a paradoxical intention for healing neuroses. A patient with insomnia, for example, cannot sleep because they so rigidly and obsessively try to sleep, which hinders them from relaxing into an unconscious state. B Squares, while tense, provide motion much like oppositions do. Mutable signs, particularly mutable Suns, are happiest when challenged. They like to find an obstacle to finishing their goal and then overcoming it.

    While it makes for a dynamic relationship, they can complement each other quite nicely. The answer is yes, of course you do. We ALL do, and the know-it-all s in our lives can be frustrating to deal with. There is, however, a two-step process that works almost every time for getting them to listen to a new idea. Most things in life do not have one answer.

    Cancer Sun / Pisces Moon / Gemini Venus

    The reason why know-it-alls can be so infuriating is that they often have one very well polished set of beliefs and arguments that they fall back on in any given situation. You cannot convince a know-it-all that they do not know what they feel they know, but you can offer them additional information.

    Presenting your point in a non-combative, curiosity-oriented fashion will almost always get them to open up. Virgo is a feminine sign, so while it does love to perfect and craft things, it does so because of external conditioning rather than an internal opinion. Projecting and opinion is something that masculine signs do, particularly fire signs. While Scorpio does rule things that are scary, taboo, and dreadful it also rules things that are blissful, relieving, and pleasurable. The darker it is, the brighter a light looks. The brighter it is, the more a black spot contrasts. There are tools that are essential to every religion.

    Buddhists have their bells, while Christians have their cross.

    draconic sun

    While not a requirement to each one practicing a religion, having the tools strengthen your dedication. Witchcraft has a wide range of tools, and most are usually those that are placed on an altar, and each almost always represents an element. What you decide to procure will really depend on your beliefs and what you are comfortable with. It is also important to know that your tools should be treated with respect and reverence since each represents a divine element. It should never be used for cutting or to cause physical harm. The athame represents masculine energy and the element of fire.

    The chalice on your altar also represents the element of water. Another option is to buy a Magic Wand. The wand is used to direct energies during a ritual, and represents the element of air. On an altar, it can come in the form of either a pendant or a platen. The pentacle represents earth, and is used to cleanse yourself, your surroundings, and all other items on your altar.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    A cauldron can hold many things like water, herbs, incense, and candles, and is very useful when it comes to rituals involving burning and creating small fires. The preferred material for the pot-bellied cauldrons is cast iron. A pair of candles also symbolizes the God and the Goddess. A bowl can hold water, sea salt, and oils. It is important to have a bowl that can hold sea salt, since a small bowl of sea salt on your altar can cleanse your other tools for magick, and also any possession you have that you feel is holding negative energy.

    Incense symbolizes the element of air. It is used to clear energy, cleanse, and call in energies.