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That's because Jupiter moved into Sagittarius your opposite sign on November 8, What's that mean for you? Now through December , Jupiter will continue to glide across this relationship realm.

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Now, here's what else the stars predict for your career, love life, friendships, and opportunities in Of course, even rom-com couplings are serious business. Nishu Sharma. I met Dr.

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Prem Kumar Sharma in the month of November for the first time though the reference of my aunt. He tells us small Upayas which not only changes your state of mind but your whole personality. I have got full confidence in him. Meera Gupta.

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Things he predicted were very clear accurate and I understood why certain things had happened to my daughter which did not make sense to me earlier. I really thank Dr. Sharma for his guidance….. Learn the meanings of the planets and points in your natal chart:.

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Born November 12 - Relationships are in high focus this year, and you can find yourself in demand. An aura of positive energy surrounds you this year.

Sun enters Sagittarius

There can be some inspired moments in the year ahead. You're especially resourceful and enterprising when your spirits are high. There are distinct opportunities emerging to enjoy and express yourself, although there can be ups and downs in your social or love life.

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  • There can be a great personal interest or hobby that consumes your attention in positive ways You are determined and some might say stubborn. The trick for you is to channel your determination into something constructive--into a life path that suits you well.

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    • Otherwise, your tendency to become fixated can lead you down the wrong path, especially if you struggle with self-esteem issues. Your mind is strong, and you possess significant powers of attraction. You have a good eye for form and style. Emotional self-indulgence is a potential downfall for you. You know a good opportunity when you see one, and you are generally not afraid to take a risk.


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