Kidderpore Bridge is one the few bridges in Kolkata that has trams plying over it. The Kidderpore crosspoint also called More in Bengali is connected with North, South and Central Kolkata by various private and state bus services. Kidderpore is the site of the only ocean port in India accessed by river. The only Bengali periodical published from Kidderpore is "Khidirpur Darpan" The Mirror of Kidderpore The name of the Editor is Sri Barun Mukherjee, is the most effortful sincere and hardworker to establish the periodical.

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Power of the Corporation to raise shortterm loans. Time for repayment of loan. Manner of repayment of loans.

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Form and effect of debentures. Payment to survivors of joint payees. Receipt by joint holder for interest or dividend. Power of the Corporation to consolidate loans. Priority of payments for interest and repayment of loans over other payments. Establishment and maintenance of Sinking Funds for loans. Power to discontinue payment towards Sinking Fund.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980

Investment of the amount at the credit of a Sinking Fund. Power of the Corporation to reserve a portion of debentures, issued for raising loan, for investment. Discharge of the Corporation from liability under debentures in certain cases. Application of Sinking Funds. Annual statement by Municipal Commissioner. Annual examination of Sinking Funds. Power of the Corporation to borrow money from the State Government and attachment of Municipal Fund for recovery of such money.

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Attachment of Municipal Fund for securing payment into Sinking Fund. Accounts to be kept. Audit of accounts by the Chief Municipal Auditor. Report by the Chief Municipal Auditor. Procedure to be followed by the Chief Municipal Auditor. Power of the Chief Municipal Auditor to make queries, etc. Appointment and powers of auditors. Report and information to be furnished by auditors. MayorinCouncil to remedy defects and report to the State Government. Reference of reports to the Municipal Accounts Committee.

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Laying of audit reports before the State Legislature. Powers of the auditors to disallow, surcharge and charge. Rights of appeal to a Civil Court or to the state Government. Payment of certified amount. Costs payable out of Municipal Fund. Effect of nonpayment of certified amount. Power of the State Government to make rules. Taxes to be levied by the Corporation. Exemption of lands and buildings from property tax Exemption of diplomatic or consular mission of a foreign State from payment of any rate, tax or fee.

Exemption of lands and buildings of exservicemen. Power to provide relief. Determination of annual valuation. Annual valuation of lands or buildings belonging to various statutory bodies. Determination of annual valuation of building where land is exempted from [property tax]. Municipal Assessment Code. Periodic assessment. Revision of assessment. Submission of returns and inspection of lands and buildings, for purposes of assessment. Submission of returns for purposes of revision in the annual valuation of lands and buildings. Selfassessment and submission of return.

Notice of transfers. Public, notice and inspection of assessment list.

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Amendment of assessments. Objections against valuation of assessment. Appointment of an officer to hear objections. Hearing of objections. Appeal before the Municipal Assessment Tribunal.

The Final Valuation. The Municipal Assessment Book. Amendment of Municipal Assessment Book. Incidence of [property tax] on lands and buildings. Apportionment of liability for [property tax] on land or building when the premises assessed are let or sublet. Recovery of [property tax] on lands and buildings from occupiers. Payment of [property tax] on lands and buildings. Payment of property tax in case of objection or appeal.

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Consolidated rate on lands and buildings in a bustee. Certificate for enlistment of profession, trade and callings. Prohibition of advertisements without written permission of the Municipal Commissioner. Licence for use of site for purpose of advertisement. Tax on advertisements. Permission of Municipal Commissioner to become void in certain cases.

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Licence for use of site for purpose of advertisement to become void in certain cases. Presumption in case of contravention. Power of the Municipal Commissioner in case of contravention.