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Next we would take lordship of Leo, so Ishta Devta for this person is deity form of Sun.

Combinations for a spiritual person and finding Ishta devta from Horoscope

It can be Lord Shiva or Lord Rama. One can worship whoever one gets naturally inclined towards.

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Example I have placed D-1 and D-9 charts side-by-side for easy reference. To attain Moksha, it is essential to worship Ishta Devta by chanting the corresponding 12 lettered dwadakshari Mantra. About the mantras, I will write in next post.

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Do you know about Isht Devta?- तुरंत जानिए- इष्ट देवता के चमत्कार- How to find it?Watch It Now

Menu Skip to content Home About Consult. In case there are no planets in the 12th house from atma karaka, the lord of that house is taken as the Devta. The Deity corresponding to this planet is chosen for propitiation. The balas of the planets are also important factor. For spirituality in a person, the vaisheshikhamsa bala of the 9th lord in Navamsa is to be seen. If a planet is in Parijatamsa then native will be very spiritual.

Know your Ishta Devta

If the planet is in simhasanamsa- then the person is very dharmic. There are definite rules for calculating bala of the planets which are not being explained here.

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If Ketu is in 12th from AK in D-9, the person will get moksha through efforts. It has to be seen whether there is a parivartana of AK in D-9 because in case of parivartana the results might be completely different. People having Lagna as 12th from AK in D-9 are inherently spiritual.

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  • Further, presence of Mars in lagna and presence of Ketu in one of the moksha trikona 4th, 8th and 12th house in D-9 shows that a person would be spiritual. Its worship not only ensures that one's whole life is taken care of, but also makes it certain that one is moving towards liberation. Everyone is eligible for the worship of one's Ishta Devta and everyone at least should know their Ishta Devta.

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    What you will get in this service In this service we will analyse Horoscope as per your given date and time. We will provide details about your God Ishta Devta to worship with rituals. It also includes Some do's and don'ts.