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Share this: Share. Lubna: Thanks for the video, I had fun listening to it,but I need an English translation for it please. Horoscope : Horoscope plays huge part of my life. Ahmed ramzy: Very good.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Older post. Newer post. Calendar Months in the Arab World May 26, The dream takes a dominant place. The Sword or Cutlass is a sign of the Arabic Horoscope distinguished by its dignity and its nobility. You don't lack talent, your creativity is excellent, and you feel the constant need to contribute or create work, becoming an example for people. A bit egocentric, the Cutlass needs to be the center of attention and is aware of the importance of appearance and image, something that usually plays with art.

If you're from this Arabic sign you have a great practical sense, your knowledge is precise, and you allow people to trust the results.

You release the feeling of perfection because for you to improve, explore and deepen your knowledge is a constant. When the Machete reaches its goal, it acquires a thorough, verified and reliable knowledge. A certain refinement and a great love for beauty and justice are what the natives of the Chain possess. They have charm and kindness, which they use to protect themselves from reproaches, conflicts, and misunderstandings. Their elegance allows them to please everyone, and to open their hearts.

They have wisdom when it comes to love and give rein to games of pleasure. The Gumia is a knife of Arabic origin, and it's one of the least known weapons of this horoscope in the West.

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Its great power lies in the ability to develop a style and knowledge of hidden things. In fact, they have an innate sense of the cycle of life and death, and they know that the end is what regeneration allows. The Bow grants a strong personality, in which the traps that appear in life don't discourage them. They have a lofty aspiration to extend time limits and are very idealistic.

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They have an exciting social vision, and they like to explore the world, space, religion, and sports. Among the primary virtues of the Bow, there are trust, optimism, and enthusiasm, and their ability to transmit faith and devotion is interesting, and they are courageous by nature. All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius.

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