First up, which signs are most compatible?

Capricorns are a prickly lot. Not only do they want to get straight to the point, but they don't like to waste time — both the time of others and especially their own time. They can also be somewhat negative.

Libra Compatibility - Libra Love Horoscope -

Because of this, only Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus are willing to get involved because it just feels right, because it is right. You won't find any short-lived relationships here, but long, happy ones that will be able to withstand whatever is thrown their way. As much as these three signs enjoy people , they put their freedom and independence above all else. Because of this, the need to have some alone time will never be an issue for a Gemini or Libra who dates an Aquarius, because they understand that need in ways that other signs may not.

While culture may try to dictate what a romantic relationship should and shouldn't be, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra thumb their noses at these restrictions.

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  • Advantages to Libra and Capricorn Couples!

They allow each other to explore independently, travel solo, and actually welcome the idea of sleeping in separate rooms. When Aquarius is lucky enough to find themselves with a Libra or Gemini, they've found someone who gets them through and through. For Pisces, the need to be with fellow water signs , Scorpios and Cancers, is the best way to ensure a relationship that's harmonious and long-lasting.

There's an understanding of moods there, because of the shared water sign. This isn't to suggest that any of these three are moody, per se, but they're also not the easiest signs out there.

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  7. In fact, the words "high-maintenance" come to mind. But as long as Pisces finds a Scorpio or Cancer who's equally emotional, even if that emotion is expressed in different ways, then that's what matters most; that's what will make the relationship succeed. Even if you're skeptical about astrological signs and their compatibility , if you're a Gemini who's been dating everyone but Libras, and it hasn't worked out, then it might be time to take your zodiac sign to heart. There's nothing wrong with trying something new, especially if what you've been doing hasn't been working out so well.

    This article was originally published on Mar 13, Here are your most compatible astrological signs. Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May You're most compatible with Virgo and Pisces.

    Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Libra

    Gemini May 21 - June You're most compatible with Aquarius and Libra. Cancer June 21 - July You're most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces.


    Leo July 23 - Aug. Virgo Aug. You're most compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. When it comes to getting along with each other, both will need to learn focus on the other's needs, especially when it comes to:.

    Libra Love and Sex

    Libra can be a little too high maintenance for Capricorn. Capricorn can be a bit too prudent for a Libra. These two are not an obvious match because they have clashing agendas.

    But they can build a long-lasting relationship if they can learn to communicate, really understand one another, have patience, and are willing to maneuver and compromise. Although the astrological signs of Capricorn and Libra have a challenging relationship, astrological signs are not people. Individuals are more than their Sun signs, and there will be additional influences from other chart factors that can mitigant or magnify what appears to be a challenging match. So, if you've met an individual and are serious about the relationship's potential, you might want to find an astrologer who's proficient in the detailed process of comparing two individual's charts, Astrological Synastry.

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    What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Libra?

    The communication between these two zodiac signs will be excellent. They make excellent lovers, friends and companions. The Libra man can be very romantic and win her heart over with his words. She is a hard worker and believes in saving money for the rainy day whereas he loves living a lavish life.

    The Personality of a Libra, Explained

    Forget being soul mates, this love match cannot even be friends. But this relationship can be enthusiastic provided she is able to relax and he is able to share his ideas with her. This will be an entertaining match with lot of fun and frolic. Both are free sprits who do not like to be tied down.

    Summary of Libra compatibility

    These two will get along very well and will enjoy spending time with each other. The Libra man personality will pamper his Aquarian mate with flowers and chocolates. But if the Libra man is dating a sensitive soul like her, this union will be short-lived. She is keen on a secure and stable home that her partner will not be able to provide with his philandering ways. She suffers from an unbalanced lifestyle while the Libra Man is always looking for harmony and equilibrium. Tags libra love compatibility.

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