Fernandez, and G. November 26, Mauna Kea S. In revenge for this incestuous relationship, she killed the son she bore him, cooked the corpse, and served it to Clymenus.

12 Rashi and Lordship of Planets -

She was transformed into the night bird called Chalkis, and Clymenus hanged himself. Some say that she was transformed into that bird because she had intercourse with Zeus. November 23, Mauna Kea S. After Laius was killed, Iocaste unknowingly married her own son Oedipus. When she learned that her husband was her son, she killed herself. Some say she was the mother of Agamedes by Zeus.


December 10, Mauna Kea S. Jewitt and J. She received the name of Thyone in Hades by Dionysos before he ascended up with her from there to heaven. December 11, Mauna Kea S. December 9, Mauna Kea S. February 8, Mauna Kea S. February 9, Mauna Kea B. Gladman and L. February 9, Mauna Kea S. October 31, Mauna Kea S.

February 6, Mauna Kea S. February 26, Mauna Kea S. February 5, Mauna Kea S. Jewitt, J.


February 27, Mauna Kea B. Gladman, J. Kavelaars, J. Petit, and L. Jacobson, M. Brozovic, B. Gladman, M. Dia is the daughter of Eioneus known as the divine daughter of the seashore. Zeus, disguised as a stallion, seduced Dia, who then gave birth to Peirithous. December 5, Mauna Kea S. Jewitt, and J.

Significance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology - Role of Guru in astrology

Roman name for Greek Hygeia. She is the goddess of health and hygiene. March 23, Cerro Tololo S. May 11, Cerro Tololo S. Sheppard Saturnian System Satellites in the saturnian system are named for Greco-Roman titans, descendants of the titans, the Roman god of the beginning, and giants from Greco-Roman and other mythologies. Gallic, Inuit and Norse names identify three different orbit inclination groups, where inclinations are measured with respect to the ecliptic, not Saturn's equator or orbit.

Retrograde satellites those with an inclination of 90 to degrees are named for Norse giants except for Phoebe, which was discovered long ago and is the largest.

Solar System Symbols

Prograde satellites with an orbit inclination of around 36 degrees are named for Gallic giants, and prograde satellites with an inclination of around 48 degrees are named for Inuit giants and spirits. Other civilizations have given different names to Saturn, which is the farthest planet from Earth that can be observed by the naked human eye.

Most of its satellites were named for Titans who, according to Greek mythology, were brothers and sisters of Saturn. July 18, Slough W. Enceladus was crushed by Athene in the battle between the Olympian gods and the Titans. Earth piled on top of him became the island of Sicily. August 28, Slough W. However, the names used today for these satellites were applied in the early 19th century by John Herschel, who named them for Titans and Titanesses, brothers and sisters of Saturn.

Tethys was the wife of Oceanus and mother of all rivers and Oceanids. March 21, Paris G. December 23, Paris G. March 25, The Hague C. September 16, Cambridge, MA W. Bond and G. Bond; independently discovered September 18, at Liverpool by W. October 25, Paris G. August 16, Arequipa W. Dollfus from observations in Dec. It was proven to have a twin, Epimetheus, sharing the same orbit but never actually meeting. It is named for the Roman god of the beginning.

The two-faced god could look forward and backward at the same time. Dollfus , D. Fountain and S. Larson as confusing the detection of Janus. They assigned the correct orbital period, and the satellite was finally confirmed in Named for the son of the Titan Iapetus. In contrast with his far-sighted brother Prometheus, he "subsequently realized" that he was in the wrong. Larson , D. March 1, Pic du Midi P.

Laques and J. April 8, Tucson B. Smith, H. Reitsema, S. Larson, and J. March 13, Flagstaff D. Pascu, P. Seidelmann, W. Baum, and D.

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She married Epimetheus and opened the box that loosed a host of plagues upon humanity. Son of Hermes, brother of Daphnis, and a descendant of the Titans. Discovered orbiting in the Encke division in Saturn's A ring. August 7, La Silla B. Petit, H. Scholl, M. Marsden, P. Nicholson and J.

September 23, Mauna Kea B.

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November 9, Mt.