They often move from one person to another or one event to another. Naturally restless, they need to cultivate perseverance.

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A: Leos are the shopalcholics of the Zodiac. Leo enjoys the good life, they like the best of everything, especially clothes and jewellery. They enjoy looking spectacular. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is most comfortable being the center of the Universe. They remember everyone who has ever done them a wrong.

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Sensitive by nature, they relate to the past as if it were yesterday, and have a difficult time letting things go. Practical and dependable, their natural inclination is to set goals and move towards them. A: The air sign Gemini can be easily distracted, but so can the two fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. Aries does not always finish whatever it starts, before it moves on to do something else. Sagittarius can be restless and extravagant.

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These signs generally do not use time well. A: A disorganized sign can certainly change. Once they recognize this as a weakness, they can make up their mind to overcome it.

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A: Aquarius is individualistic and freedom loving. This sun sign has the ability to organize, especially for humanitarian causes.

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  6. Libra, ruled by Venus, loves to decorate and has the ability to create a beautiful home. Cancer, a water sign, is the nurturer of the Zodiac. They are highly organized in the kitchen and make excellent chefs. The home is their domain.

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    Q: Please tell me a little bit yourself and how you got into astrology? Please email me for further details: phil boothstars. They are based on your own personal cosmic fingerprint — that is, your date, time and place of birth. These profound and penetrating reports are the best horoscopes available world-wide.

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    You will be impressed by the clarity and depth of these comprehensive and accurate interpretations. If today is your birthday The Universe will see to it that your most cherished dreams start manifesting in this great year ahead. The light of your dreams will shine as brightly as the Sun. This is a year of finding your real purpose in life.

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